XXXTentacion’s Estate Set to Release Unreleased Songs as NFTs

XXXTentacion’s estate is keeping the artist’s legacy by turning a new set of unreleased songs into NFTs

XXXTentacion’s former manager Solomon “Sounds” Sobande and his estate—which is run by his mother Cleopatra Bernard—YellowHeart to create the non-fungible tokens. Although the songs are formerly unreleased, Sobande explains that the five tracks aren’t brand new. In fact, they’re from X’s time as a SoundCloud sensation.

“Although they were all big on SoundCloud, we never had the opportunity to monetize them or bring them off-platform,” he told Rolling Stone. “Some of these songs aren’t even on his SoundCloud page anymore. There are just the remnants of them being reposted. These were the songs that built his career and led up to the explosion he had.”

Along with the commercially unreleased songs, the NFTs will include never-before-seen footage from X’s REVENGE Tour which was the rapper’s last tour before he was murdered. Also, the NFT’s art will be created by Stephen Bliss who is the artist behind X’s favorite video game, Grand Theft Auto

The auction is expected to start this upcoming Monday at noon ET and will end on May 15 at 12:00 p.m. ET. At the time of his death, X was awaiting trial for domestic abuse accusations. As a result, YellowHeart will be donating its portions of the proceeds to the estate’s XXXFoundation and to unspecified organizations that assist women impacted by domestic abuse. 

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