Cuban Link Reveals Inside Of Her First-Ever Purchased Crib –

New York rapper 50 Cent‘s ride or die is big happy right now. Cuban Link has shared some snapshots of the first home she ever purchased.



Link hit up Instagram to share a slideshow of pics. While she didn’t reveal the home’s location, she did confirm speculation about using the property as an opportunity to flip it as a real estate hustle.

“Lucrative Investments🥳 Say Hi to your new home owner! @linkedinvestments_llc #flippinghouses x #fixandfliprealestate”

The shot ignited a huge shout-out in the comments section courtesy of New York rapper and model DreamDoll.

“Congrats ❤️❤️❤️”

Cuban Link reveals inside of home.

Initially, 50 went to Instagram to announce Link’s huge purchase. Curtis Jackson shared a snapshot of Link posing outside of a one-level crib.

“👀 @_cuban_link bought her first house today, I’m proud of her she making moves. @linkedinvestments_llc”

Link made sure to hit up the comments section to geek out. However, the achievement quickly turned into a debate on whether Cuban bought a house to live in or to fix up as a real estate investment.

“.. Aw thank you my love 🥰😘 #GREENLIGHTGANG 😎”

“It appears she may be going into flipping homes! Damn ppl so negative! I’m sure she she is buying multiple homes like that hence the LLC! Congratulations Cube🎉”

“Y’all talking bout how it look im sure she’s gonna fix it up to her liking! “

“Y’all are slow. She’s in the real estate business . It’s not for herself 🙄”

“Investing in property is a good investment. Congratulations👏🏽”

Cuban Link buys her first home.

50 Cent’s Real Estate Power Moves

Back in September 2020, both 50 Cent and “The Breakfast Club” co-host DJ Envy made headlines for partnering up in a real estate TV show deal. New Jersey real estate mogul Cesar Piña, who owns real estate company Flipping NJ, went online to announce the huge news.

“Today is and awesome day. Never ever thought I would be on tv or was planning for it.We signed our real estate tv show deal with @50cent Me @djenvy @jennitips @luchie_rentals and the whole family and team will be showing you guys what it takes to be successful in real estate and run a real estate empire. #fromstart2flip @traplandlordshop @lordoftheslums @nittdagritt @realantmoney @johnnymarines @dannysu_rgf @mama2.4rivera @the_closer_nj @loyal_pups @lnl_sandra @bigchris1738 @buca_seafood @stardnr @cbroadus @djspinking @nickyjam @janetplanet1111 @daniel_dnieko @e_rod809 @dcash23 @iguanafromhavana @primetime_pro45 @shes.a.sniper @fatboy @pioladitingancia @justinavalentine @killermike @billionairefly @therealnoreaga @mr_louie22 @immartysmall @hudsonchurch @henry_cejudo @cptamericas @tajalucky @coney3636”

A Winning Couple

Link has dated 50 Cent for almost 2 years and they’ve been 1 of hip-hop’s most fun couples (at least on social media). When Cuban recently posted some Instagram pics aboard what is presumably 50’s private jet, the G-Unit boss chimed in with a comment to let the world know how good he has it.

“I won again”

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