Listen to Backxwash’s “I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses”

Montreal rapper, producer, and excellent tweeter Backxwash has returned with a new song called “I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses.” It’s the title track from her forthcoming album, which drops June 20.

The single is a deranged mash-up of industrial hip-hop and industrial metal, featuring a snarling hook from former Black Dresses member Ada Rook.

I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses is the follow-up to Backxwash’s Polaris Music Prize-winning LP God Has Nothing to Do With This Leave Him Out Of It, which Complex named one of the Best Canadian Albums of 2020. The album will feature Devi McCallion, Sad13, and Lauren Bousfield, with production by clipping. and Nowhere2Run.

Last December, Backxwash told Complex Black Dresses’ Peaceful as Hell was her favourite album of 2020.

“Ada Rook and Devi McCallion have enough chemistry between them that this sounds incredibly sincere and very deliberate, but still maintains the organic nature of what makes them incredible,” she said. “The lyrical content can be unsettling at times, but the instrumentation gives you hope, as a listener, almost as if it is saying, ‘Life can be hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.’”

Listen to “I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses” above.

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