Yung Miami Wants Nicki Minaj to Unblock Her From Instagram

Yung Miami has one request for Nicki Minaj: to unblock the City Girls rapper on Instagram.

Miami took to Twitter on Sunday, writing, “Can you unblock me on Instagram @NICKIMINAJ ?”

She issued a series of follow-up tweets, which included her saying, “I’m not obsessed, desperate, none of that fr I just asked her to unblock me I ain’t do shit! Tf.”

She also responded to a user who said she “look delusional,” with Miami clarifying that the only thing she’s delusional about is “dick & my money.”

It’s unclear exactly why Nicki has Miami blocked on IG, with fans revealing some possible reasons as to why in the comments. User @raecartierr posted a TikTok video that included an interview Miami did with The Breakfast Club at the peak of Cardi B and Nicki’s beef. Miami was asked if she’d ever work with Nicki, to which she said, “I just want to stay away from that question, like, I don’t want to get into that but I am Team Cardi. City Girls is Team Cardi,” Miami said. The interview also took place around the time that City Girls’ Cardi collab song “Twerk” dropped.

The second half of the video includes a snippet of the City Girls showing an interest in working with Nicki. “We wanna work with Nicki Minaj,” Miami said, explaining she’s the only “female artist we haven’t worked with yet.”

Elsewhere, another user reminder Miami that she previously expressed a very specific stance on blocking people. “I hate when I see somebody and they be like unblock me I didn’t do nothing. It’s like no get your hating ass from by me bitch!!!!” she wrote in September 2020. She also retweeted the tweet, seemingly still cosigning that point of view.

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