6ix9ine Responds After Young Thug Says He Bet $5K the Rapper Would Snitch

Whether it was clear that 6ix9ine would turn on his gang affiliates as soon as the water got too hot or not, some people may have had faith that the rapper would choose loyalty instead. Young Thug wasn’t one of those people.

During his most recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Thugger told hosts Wallo and Gillie Da King that he put up a “friendly $5,000” against another unnamed artist because he was convinced that 6ix9ine would flip on his associates. 

“I bet five thousand that he tell, and he bet five thousand that nothing is gonna happen to him,” Thug said, per HotNewHopHop.

“I bet him five thousand that something was gonna happen to him, too,” Thug continued. “I don’t know why I had that belief. … I betted five thousand that something was gon’ happen. … He gon’ get beat up, he gon’ have to run out the club, something gon’ happen. I lost that f*cking bet. Them p*ssy ass n***as let that n***a in the club.”

When 6ix9ine caught wind of Thug’s bet, he shared an edited photo featuring Thug in makeup, alongside the words “These the real n***as in Atlanta.” he wrote over the image.

He also jumped in the comment section of DJ Akademiks’s re-post of Thug’s remarks to take a shot at Gunna. “Did he know gunna was going to tell on crime stoppers?” 6ix9ine wrote.

While Thug has yet to respond, something tells us the YSL leader won’t let 6ix9ine have the last word. Stay tuned.

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