YFN Lucci Surrenders to Police in Racketeering Case

YFN Lucci, along with 11 others, was named in a gang-related racketeering indictment that was filed on April 30. The rapper has since surrendered to authorities and is currently at Fulton County Jail, WSB-TV reports

Lucci, born Rayshawn Bennett, was out on bond after being charged with murder when the 105-count indictment was announced. He surrendered to authorities on May 10. The charges against Lucci, which include aggravated assault, armed robbery, property damage, murder, theft, and more, were announced following a months-long investigation into the activities of the 12 people and their ties to the Bloods gang, according to the Associated Press. The previous murder charge Lucci was facing is included in the indictment.

Lucci’s layer Drew Findling previously denied that the rapper is in a gang and maintained that his client is innocent. “He’s not guilty of any crime that’s referenced in the previous charge and now in this indictment,” Findling said.

Findling is arguing that Lucci is not culpable in the murder and claims that the rapper was driving in a vehicle with friends when shots were fired at them. The lawyer said that someone in the backseat of the car allegedly returned fire and a person died in the exchange of bullets.

After being released on $500,000 bond for the aforementioned murder charge, Lucci allegedly violated the conditions of his release by going to a strip club and tampering with his ankle monitor. He also violated his bond by testing positive for marijuana and opiates.

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