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North Carolina rapper DaBaby isn’t ready to slow down. Instead, the hip-hop superstar has embraced an unforgettable Billboard Music Awards night and hinted at more greatness to follow.


DaBaby Wants To Know What’s Next

DB hit up his Instagram page to share a snapshot of himself holding onto his and Roddy Ricch Top Rap Song awards. But more interesting is the teaser he left in the caption.

“BILLBOARDBABY ©️ Said dat meant dat stood on it. Thank you @billboard 🖤💯 What’s next?👀🔥”

Baby also acknowledged securing a huge win for Top Streaming Song of last year.

“Thank you for the flowers Billboard Music Awards. @bbmas @billboard Took home ✌🏾of them bitches.💪🏾 (“Rockstar” Ft @roddyricch ) TOP STREAMING SONG OF 2020.🏆🔥 TOP RAP SONG OF 2020.🏆🔥 #BILLBOARDBABY”

DaBaby + Roddy Ricch Win Top Rap Song

DaBaby pulled through to the event to accept the Top Rap Song award. He also took time out to thank the fans for holding them down and making all of the success possible.

“To be able to put out a song like ‘ROCKSTAR’ at the height of the pandemic – it’s nothing short of a blessing. I say all that to say it wouldn’t be possible without God and my team and I appreciate all y’all. And oh yeah, and most importantly, last but not least, the fans and the supporters because if y’all don’t press play, the music don’t get heard. Appreciate y’all!”

Despite the heartwarming moment, a massive cringe alert happened courtesy of Texas hip-hop artist Post Malone‘s “Rockstar” song actually getting mistakenly played as Baby’s version.

People didn’t hold back and unloaded pure jokes and fury in the YouTube video’s comments section.

“They played post Malone and not even his song lol”

“They really played the wrong rockstar😭somebody gettin fired lmao”

“so who’s gonna tell the dj that’s the wrong rockstar?💀”

“I- who was in charge of the music 😂🤦🏾‍♀️”

“Ayyo that’s not his rockstar 😅”

DaBaby Has The No. 1 Song

A few days ago, DB went to Instagram with a shot of himself boo’d up alongside his “Girl From Rio” remix collaborator Anitta. Baby released a slideshow of epic pics including buzz about Brazil making their single the top song.

“1 Song in Brazil 🇧🇷 “Girl From Rio” (Remix) got Brazil on FYE 🔥 I heard they wanna see bout me , Don’t make me Book the MF jet ✈️ @anitta . 📸: @thephotofalcon #InternationalBaby🌎”

Heading into Friday, DaBaby and Anitta hit the green light on dropping their hit anthem.

DB + Anitta Collab For ‘Girl From Rio’ Remix

The video for the original version of “Girl From Rio” hit YouTube only two weeks ago and it already has over 20 million views. The remix seems like a can’t-miss banger, which explains why DaBaby can’t stop smiling in his Instagram teaser.

“Girl From Rio” (Remix)🔥 Me & @anitta fine ass… TONIGHT

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