Erica Mena Drops The Mic On Marriage + Divorces Safaree –

“Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena isn’t chasing dreams with Safaree anymore. The vixen has reportedly filed paperwork to legally end her short-lived marriage to Samuels just weeks after announcing they’re expecting a second child together.


Erica Mena Drops The Mic On Marriage

According to reports, the decision went down a few days ago before turning into a trending topic. Details have also surfaced on how they would ideally share custody of their daughter Safire Majesty.

The “Love & Hip Hop” star just filed for divorce last Friday in Fayette County Superior Court in Georgia — where they appear to have formally tied the knot in late 2019, and where they currently reside. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Erica is asking for primary physical custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Safire, but she’s willing to share joint legal custody with Safaree. She’s also indicated she wants child support, plus … exclusive use of the home they currently share. (TMZ)

Erica Mena’s Back On OnlyFans

The divorce could be a low-key reason why Erica recently recharged up her subscription-based OnlyFans account. Mena hit up Instagram to share a sneak peek at herself in an OnlyFans promo reel. The footage clearly came from before her baby bump made headlines and she promised it featured previously unreleased content.

Erica Mena’s On A Massive Tear

Over the past few days, Mena has unloaded on people she believes to be connected to a recent home invasion. She took the entire incident serious and with determination for justice by sharing endless since-deleted pics and footage from the break-in.

“@theshaderoom Y’all wanna be using fabricate bullshit for traffic CONTACT me directly. I’m sick of y’all posting sh*t y’all don’t know nothing about just for click bait. My home was violated and robbed. Everything I’m posting I stand by. If you are allegedly wearing and taking photos with custom pieces I’m gonna put you and your mother on blast. You asked for it so here it is.”

“@4timtim is this you? SMH this shit so sad. Taking custom baby dresses. Going through a babies draws like you don’t have a little girl of your own. PATHETIC – Besides all the ignorant people that take up a lot of social media, huge thank you for all those who are taking part and helping to track down these worthless individuals.”

“A much clearer pic. Wearing my daughter around your neck. You weak bastards all going down I promise you.”

Mena’s husband Safaree also jumped in on exposing the people responsible for going after their possessions.

“Look familiar? Dude stole my baby’s dress. And that’s my jacket he’s wearing… y’all done!! . We have so much pics and videos of y’all”

“📸📸📸 gotcha He’s wearing my daughters chain same day after burglary. Caught on live. Y’all going down 🙏🏾🙏🏾”

Robbers Piss Off The Soon-To-Be Divorced Couple

This week, both Safaree and Erica went to their Instagram pages and didn’t hold back. They shared snapshots of the people possibly connected to their home getting robbed over last weekend.

“Unfortunately over the weekend my house was robbed. There is now a $20,000 cash reward to anyone who can lead us in arresting all those involved. You can remain anonymous please DM me or Safaree.”

Safaree believed at least four people broke into their home with armed weapons.

“My house was broken into over the weekend. Long story short It was 4 of em armed. I have $20,000. Dm @djjahmarintl serious info only. Your on Candid camera x 10 million”

Erica even shared a post of a woman possibly involved in the robbery.

“So this stripper “ Christy Mahone” is now allegedly wearing my jewelry and has all my purses. She has involvement with one of the robbers, one being @charleefamous . Girl be smart and give up all my belongings. If anyone knows her please contact me. I got a cash reward on her as well. 10,000 in cash to anyone who can lead me to the arrest of this woman as well.”

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