Joe Budden Says Charlamagne the God Went ‘Out of His Way’ to ‘Devalue Me’

On the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, episode 441, the former rapper criticized fellow media personality Charlamagne Tha God.

There’s been animosity between Budden and the Breakfast Club host for years now, and when the Joe Budden Podcast stopped being a Spotify exclusive last year the two clashed once again. Charlamagne commented that Budden “knows his worth but doesn’t know how to properly negotiate it,” to which Budden responded. The two stopped short of clashing properly, but with Budden’s latest comments that could change.

“I got on Charlamagne because he appeared to go out of his way to devalue me,” Budden said at the 47:20 mark of the episode. “One of the most prominent voices in this media thing—that one instance it appeared I was down—used all of his platforms and all of his might to continue to push the narrative that… Joe fucked it up.” His reasoning for bringing up Charlamagne, who he suggested has been going “out of his way” to “fuel” negativity around Budden since 2010, is due to Kwame Brown’s recent comments on the radio host.

Charlamagne later apologized for “unintentionally” causing “trauma,” since he had caught some flak for mentioning Brown’s personal life when attempting to defend him from those calling him a “bust-up” in the NBA world. Budden then inserted himself into the situation, and said that when he heard the apology he came to the conclusion that Charlamagne “doesn’t get it.” 

“Since 2010 he has sat on that platform kicking my back in,” Budden continued. “Anybody that had anything negative to say, he spoke to them. He added fuel to anything negative Joe.” He also cited “passive-aggressive” attacks directed at him, which he had a “real problem” with. “That apology ticked me off.” In the same episode, he also said “fuck you Vlad,” referring to DJ Vlad. 

“Charlamagne not liking Joe Budden is at the lowest of totem poles,” he said at the 56-minute point of the episode. “If you a mental health guy, you didn’t know that fucking bombarbing this man’s whole family on the radio would be a mental health thing? Tell me you didn’t,” he said at the 1:07:20 point. “If you big on mental health, be big on it at all times. … I’m no longer talking to Charlamagne, I’m talking about as a whole. I just see a lot of it.”

While Budden suggested that Kwame Brown’s comments are the reason he brought up Charlamagne, it’s been highlighted that the Breakfast Club host recently brought up Budden in an episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast. “You behind the scenes are one way with me, asking for help and discussing things, but then you get on your platform and act like we’re the worst enemies,” said Charlamagne, who suggested there were “bridges burned” between them.

Funkmaster Flex recently resurfaced the sexual assault allegations against Charlamagne, who went to court for allegedly raping a teenage girl in 2001. Joe Budden, for what it’s worth, has faced domestic abuse allegations in the past, and just this month Olivia Dope accused him of sexually harassing her in an episode of See, The Thing Is. In 2011, TMZ reported that Funkmaster Flex was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a woman. 

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