Premiere: Norwegian Duo Jouska Offer Hazy Remix Of Solå’s “Dizzy”

Jouska are a production duo made up of Marit Othilie Thorvik and Hans Olav Settem who bonded over a mutual love of Gorillaz, The Internet and Norwegian alt-pop trio Sassy 009. Touches of all three can be heard in their music, particularly the latter whose understated, lo-fi stylishness simmers beneath the surface. All of that comes together in fairly audible ways, but there’s a noticeable pang of anxiety throughout Jouska’s music, which is possibly why they connected so well with Solå’s new single, “Dizzy”.

Released in 2019 via French outlet Kitsuné, the original was a bittersweet club track that offset SOLÅ’s downcast vocals with a driving beat, but Jouska’s version has tempered that somewhat. Although the remix still has bags of club potential, it’s a hazier, more laid-back interpretation. As the video suggests, it’s now much better suited to solemn walks through the park and longing gazes through rain-soaked windows.

Ahead of the remix’s official release tomorrow, May 28, hit play on the visuals at the top.

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