Premiere: atlas azure Confronts Grief And Loss In “Talking To The Dead”

Despite being relatively early in his career, London-based atlas azure arrives with a strong and seemingly fully-formed creative vision as he presents the visuals for his latest single, “Talking To The Dead”.

With a delivery that sits somewhere between spoken word, poetry and rapping, atlas azure’s style is somehow literary and stacked with dense imagery, but also ruthlessly direct and to-the-point. As the title suggests, this track was informed by the tragic loss of both of his parents when he was young. It’s a gut-punching piece and one he delivers with a fearlessness that’s likely to floor you.

Funnily enough, you could describe the video in pretty much the same way. Directed by London-based French director, Franz Galo, the video drapes the young rapper and poet in deep blue as he delivers his thoughts on death, grief and pain with an admirable honesty. Understandably, his experiences have taken him into some pretty dark places, but through it all there’s a determination to overcome it that’s hard not to be inspired by.

Speaking on the track, atlas said: “‘Talking To The Dead’ is about still being able to communicate with my parents and my cousin, though they are no longer with us while also addressing my initial feelings of revenge and consistent rage. I found myself having thoughts I could have never imagined, and being further pulled into the darkness. I had overwhelming feelings of taking revenge against the world and myself but I realised I had to stay strong and live for them as they wouldn’t want me to retaliate or self-sabotage.”

Hit play on the video at the top and stream “Talking To The Dead” below.

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