Lil Yachty Credits ASAP Rocky for Sparking His Interest in Nail Polish

Lil Yachty has turned his affinity for manicures into a full-fledged business—and it’s thanks in large part to ASAP Rocky.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the Atlanta rapper discussed the importance of nail care and the events leading up to the launch his own nail polish line, Crete. Yachty told the publication his journey with manicures began several years ago, after Rocky inspired him to get professional buffs and clear-polish manicures.

“I started doing it about three or four years ago,” he said. “I got compliments instantly. I felt clean. My nails weren’t dirty and nasty. I felt more mature.”

Rocky has been a big proponent of nail art, and has consistently encouraged men to get manicures. While speaking with Vogue in 2019, the Harlem rapper showed off his elaborate manicure and touched on the social stigma of men painting their nails.

“I feel like men should be able to do nail art without feeling feminine,” he said, before highlighting his Prada-inspired manicure. “Yeah! This lady who is really, really good drew Prada on my nails when I was shooting my Prada collaboration, and she did my nails for the photos.”

Yachty’s Crete nail polish line officially launched last month. The initial offering is made up of three understated shades—“asphalt,” “concrete,” and “sheetrock”—that will appeal to men who are new to nail art.

“Let’s just say, I felt as if a lot of men may have wanted to do it—but it felt too feminine,” he said.

According to GQ, Yachty plans to expand Crete with three new, and much bolder, shades sometime next month. The collection will be called “Heatwave,” and include bright red, orange, and yellow polishes. You can learn more about Crete here.

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