Lil Uzi Vert Talks About Fan Interactions: ‘I’m Not Gonna Act Gangster’

Despite being a visible public figure, Lil Uzi Vert still has an enigmatic personality that is hard for fans to read. 

The Eternal Atake artist took to Twitter on Wednesday to talk about taking interacting with fans and said that he’s not going to put up a front. He reminded his followers that he tries to be as genuine as possible at all times and is going to give them his true “happy” persona whenever they encounter him.

“I’m a happy person and I vibe with my fans if you see me I’m not gonna act gangster because that not what I am or who I am,” Uzi wrote. “it’s okay 2 smile 😃 🤓 I’m myself.”

Though he hasn’t said so, Uzi might have been responding to a photo that was was circulating online of him Original Fani, who is the owner of the popular Atlanta clothing brand of the same name. 

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