Tina Knowles Shares Segment of Beyoncé’s I Am… World Tour

Tina Knowles has been present throughout Beyoncé’s musical career, and even though the pop star has traveled the world and performed countless shows, her mom still gets frightened when she pulls certain kinds of stunts.

Knowles took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video from Bey’s 2009 I Am… World Tour, calling the global jaunt “very stressful.” Knowles continued, “I prayed through this segment every night! And aged 10 years on this tour! As my fearless child flipped 20 times hundreds of feet into the air!! I was like, “Can’t you just spin around on the stage?’ Do you have to be so extra!!!”

In the video, Bey can be seen flipping in the air while strapped in some sort of acrobatic harness, outfitted in a gold dress and heels, as her Sean Paul-featuring song “Baby Boy” plays in the arena and the audience cheers.

The I Am… World Tour kicked off in 2009 and wrapped in 2010, after a total of 108 shows in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The tour was in support of Beyoncé’s third studio album, 2008’s I Am… Sasha Fierce, and was the singer’s fourth tour.

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