NLE Choppa’s ‘Letter To My Daughter’ Is His Realest Video –

Memphis rap star NLE Choppa is going all out to show the world just how much he cares about his daughter. The rap heavyweight releases an emotional, introspective ode to his baby, “Letter to My Daughter.” The track finds Choppa tapping into his reflective side to outline the ways in which his child has changed his life for the better. 


Over heavy piano chords, Choppa sets the mood for his heart-on-sleeve showcase, informing listeners this “might be the realest sh*t I ever wrote.” The 18-year-old explores the maturity he’s found now since he’s responsible for another life. “Never let life lessons break you,” he raps. “Evaluate the mistake and just wait on your breakthrough.” Choppa learned from his mistakes so his daughter doesn’t have to experience the same struggle. “Even though sh*t got rough, I’m still praying for your mama,” he raps. “Hope you get to see my grandpa and my grandma.” 

Choppa’s video gets even deeper as he uses the visual to show himself getting a real-life tattoo of his daughter on his leg. There’s all types of real dad moments from Choppa clocking in daddy duties to pouring his heart out with his words about the importance of being there for his legacy.

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