UNIIQU3’s ‘B*tches Is Outside, Vol. 1’: Stream Jersey Club Mixtape

When I first started getting into the Jersey Club scene, UNIIQU3 was an artist who stood out. Immediately, she’d normally be the only woman in a sea of men behind the decks, but she’s made it a point to be a force both behind the decks as well as in the spotlight. Watching her evolution has been a trip. Hell, UNIIQU3 is who PBS hit up when they wanted to learn more about the Jersey Club scene! Just hearing her energy and personality on the “Outside Wit It” freestyle (her first freestyle EVER) that kicks off her latest mixtape, BITCHES IS OUTSIDE, VOL. 1—which is out now wherever good music is purchased—feels like UNIIQU3 fully realizing what she brings to the game and shining her star brightly.

BITCHES IS OUTSIDE, VOL. 1 is dropping at the perfect time; it feels like every week, states across the country are relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions that have had us locked in since March of 2020. The past few weekends of 2021 have featured everyone just wanting to be out, but the real club anthems that heads who are really trying to let their hair down and their flag fly have been few and far between. UNIIQU3 fixes that with this project, which she’s specifically calling a mixtape.

“I’ve always been a fan of DJ Drama mixtapes,” UNIIQU3 says in a statement about the project (which is dope timing, considering what Drama and Tyler, The Creator recently did). “It’s something I’ve always been inspired by coming up as a DJ. A mixtape is more fun, there’s no rules, tons of sonic spontaneity and adventure just like I expect this summer to be. That’s what I’m all about so I wanted to share my energy with my fans.” That’s exactly what she did (alongside DJ 809, DJ J Heat, Killa Kherk and DJ 93rd), bringing a batch of unadulterated Jersey Club gems for folks itching to get outside and turn up.

And for those of you wondering about the title of the mixtape, UNIIQU3 has a simple answer for you: “I wanted to get spicy on this one,” UNIIQU3 admits. “The word ‘bitch’ could be controversial but after seeing so many women in hip-hop and rap use it to empower themselves, it empowered me. It makes me feel powerful, and badass, this mixtape embodies that feeling.”

Check out BITCHES IS OUTSIDE, VOL. 1 below and hear what happens when UNIIQU3 takes the power back.


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