Bad Bunny Surprise-Drops New Trap Single ‘De Museo’

Bad Bunny is back. 

The superstar unleashed his latest single “De Museo” on Tuesday without warning (as per usual), making it his first solo release since early June’s “Yonaguni.” The trap track is also the Puerto Rican artist’s first general release in just a couple weeks, since fans last heard him on “AM Remix” alongside J Balvin and Nio Garcia. 

“Yeah, time goes by, goes by and doesn’t stop,” Bad Bunny sings. “I’m getting old and yesterday I was a baby, hey/The problems ‘come and go, hey/With my God I am always thankful for everything I’ve accomplished and lived/For all the times I’ve cried and laughed.”

While a couple weeks without a release doesn’t seem that wild, for Bad Bunny fans, it may feel like an eternity. The performer released an impressive three albums throughout 2020: February’s YHLQMDLG, May’s Las Que No Iban a Salir, and El Último Tour del Mundo back in November, and has yet to drop a full length since the November release. 

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy, though. This year, Bunny made his long-awaited WWE debut, appearing at WrestleMania 37 back in April. WWE legends seem to think he did a pretty good job, too. 

“[Bad Bunny] dedicated the time, effort, and passion necessary for a world tour into his performance at #WrestleMania,” Triple H tweeted. “He’s not only a lifelong fan of our business but a member of our @WWE family who earned all of our respect along the way!!!!!”

Check out “De Museo” up top; it’s available on other streaming services here.

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