Man Trespassed on Rihanna’s Property, Got Away Before Cops Arrived

Police were called to one of Rihanna’s homes in Los Angeles last night after a trespasser made their way to the residence by jumping over one of the gates protecting it.

According to TMZ, police arrived at the scene early Wednesday morning in response to reports that someone had trespassed on Rihanna’s property, but once they arrived the suspect was no longer around. According to the security guards who filed the report, the man who trespassed had leapt over one of the walls surrounding the home.

Once the man cleared the wall, he didn’t stay long. The cops are still investigating, and it’s currently unclear how the man might have left the residence, although it may have been the same way he got in. It’s also being reported that Rihanna was not home when the incident took place. 

Another bizarre occurrence happened involving Rihanna recently, as she was denied entry into a New York City bar because she forgot her ID and the bouncer was sticking firmly to the rules.

Rihanna was with ASAP Rocky when the incident took place outside Barcade. While what’s being said in the footage isn’t clear, you can see Rocky pleading his case to the bouncer, who appears to not allow Rihanna to enter. The two eventually made it into the bar, seeing as they are, of course, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky.

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