Diddy Is All ‘Puff’ Daddy Duties In These 6 Pics – SOHH.com

Music icon and legendary rap mogul Sean Combs is a name known world wide. Over 25 years ago, Puff Daddy kicked the doors open with Bad Boy Records, telling fans and the whole world he wasn’t gonna stop.


Here it is, almost 30 years later and the living legend hasn’t stopped. Among running a multi-million dollar empire, Diddy also puts in his daddy duties as a proud papa. Check out these 6 pics of Sean Combs, the man, the myth… the dad.

  1. Diddy + His Babies At The Beach

2. Diddy’s Daddy Duties Never Slow Down

3. There’s A Lot Of Love Here

4. Mob-Looking, Don Vibes Right Here

5. Diddy + The King

6. Diddy Vs. The King In An Arm Curling Competition

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