Jake Paul Talks Potential Fight With Game, Conor McGregor’s Falling Star

Jake Paul stopped by Real 92.3 LA’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Tuesday for a lengthy chat that touched on multiple topics, including a potential fight with The GameConor McGregor’s falling star, and his beef with Dana White.

While discussing the list of potential opponents he’d enjoy knocking out, Paul referenced The Game, who in May challenged the Paul brothers to a fight against him and his own brother, Big Fase 100.

“The Game was talking smack, so I might just knock him out for charity,” Paul said. “As fast as the lawyers and managers can get these deals done, I’m getting in the ring and knocking these guys out.”

Later in the interview, Big Boy brought up Conor McGregor, who last week called the Paul brothers “dingbats” while rejecting the possibility of facing off against them in a future fight. When asked if he’s still down to fight McGregor, Paul didn’t shy away from speaking his mind. 

“I still see a Jake Paul vs. Conor McGregor fight happening, but if he keeps on declining and I keep on rising, I’m not going to need him,” Paul said. “So, he might need me more than I need him, as crazy as that sounds. Sure, Conor McGregor is still the big name we all know, but I might not want to fight a loser.”

Paul also had something to say regarding Dana White, who he’s feuded with previously by demanding White pay his disgruntled fighters more. During his discussion with Big Boy, Paul once again opened up about his problem with fighter pay. 

“If the UFC makes $100 million, their fighters only get $10 million of that. So, who’s getting the other $90 million?” Paul explained. “These fighters are going in there and risking their lives, breaking their shins in half, suffering repeated head traumas, yet they’re not getting paid fairly.”

“And so, I think Dana White is a liar, a coward, and a greedy asshole,” he added.

Check out Jake Paul’s full interview with Big Boy up top.

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