Mike Jones Reacts to Viral Video of Fan Rapping ‘Still Tippin’

Mike Jones is impressed.

The Houston rapper began trending Thursday following the release of a TikTok video titled “How to escape the hood.” The clip shows street interviewer Israel Padilla posing the question to a couple of pedestrians, before a random white dude abruptly chimes in.

“What you got? What’s the question?” the man asks.

“How to leave the hood,” Padilla responds. 

“I don’t know, I didn’t grow up there,” the man says, before others encourage him to visit the hood. “I’m down. Like, I like Mike Jones, fucking, I’ll get down.” 

The man, who is rocking a Texas Tech polo, then proceeds to rap Jones’ second verse from the 2000s hit “Still Tippin,” featuring Slim Thug and Paul Wall. 

Slim Thug reshared the clip via Instagram on Wednesday, which drew a huge response from fans and fellow artists, including Drake and E-40. Jones eventually caught wind of the video and called on media outlets to help identify the fan. 

“Can somebody find the dude that spit my verse , & have em DM me, gotta show em love on LIVE or something, cuz that was 💯 & came out of no where!” he wrote in the caption. “Let’s me kno and hopefully let y’all kno, that real music can’t & wont die!”

“Still Tippin” appeared on Jones’ 2005 debut studio album, Who Is Mike Jones? The platinum-certified single was produced by Salih Williams and made appearances on multiple Billboard charts.

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