The Weeknd Part of $2 Million Investment in Personalized Song Company

The Weeknd and several other wealthy investors have just put over $2 million into a company that makes personalized songs for users.

Music Business Worldwide reports that The Weeknd, along with his manager and XO Records CEO Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman, Reverb founder David Kalt, School of Rock CEO Rob Price, and Recycled Paper Greetings co-founder Michael Keiser are among those who have come on board to invest in the company.

Co-founded by John Williamson, Rob Lindquist, Scott Kitun, and Josh Kaplan, Songfinch touts itself as a platform where a user can choose the style and mood of the song they want to be created. One of the company’s curated artists uses personalized lyrics based on stories and memories the user shares to complete the track.

The song is then written, recorded, and delivered to the user within three to seven business days, with each song costing $249. Saying that they helped struggling artists during the pandemic, Songfinch aims to take personalized messages to the next level, and The Weeknd and other investors seem to believe in them.

When speaking on the investment, Slaiby congratulated the company on the idea and expressed how excited he is to join. “Congratulations to Josh Kaplan and his partners for building an incredible company and business,” he said. “We’re excited to be a part of it and continue to grow it together.”

Kallman echoed these sentiments as well, applauding the company’s creativity.

“Songfinch gave me the opportunity to send an extraordinary musical gift that proved so moving and emotional for all the people I sent it to,” he added. “The creativity and impact of this service is truly remarkable and I had no hesitation becoming an investor.”

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