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Detroit female emcee Kash Doll makes moves. The rapper just chooses to stay low profile with her business.


When she’s not working on award-winning rap songs, Kash Doll might be hanging out with her Goddaughter. Here’s 5 pics of Kash Doll clocking in Godmother goals with the kiddo.

These two look like they’re having a great time. Kash Doll really seems to enjoy hanging out with her Goddaughter.

Maybe the rapper was giving fashion tips to her young protege’. The slay game is to be sold, not to be told.

The two decided to turn up, right quick and maybe got into a ‘my lil dance’ type vibe. Kash Doll working on her step game with the new choreographer.

Kash doll shares an embrace with her Goddaughter. Either that or the protege’ faked with the hug only to surprise the rapper with a quick 2 piece to the jaw. By the look on Kash Doll’s face, she never saw it coming.

The Burberry and Dior slays by Detroit rapper Kash Doll and her Goddaughter are almost too adorable. Godmothers every where are going to need to step they game up.

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