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The hip-hop community has lost another icon. Marcel Theo ‘Biz Markie’ Hall passed away last week and left a major hole in the rap game with his shocking death. One of the original members of the Legendary Juice Crew of hip-hop’s golden era, Biz Markie brought a spirit and energy that was never recreated, no matter how many tried.


Some might not want to admit it, but the rawness that Biz embodied in hip-hop influenced most of your favorite emcees today. They might not even realize it. Here’s 5 timeless moments from the late rap icon, Biz Markie.

These two were magic on the mic, for real. When they hit the stage together, crowds got hyped.

Always looked like these two were enjoying their crafts. Look at them chains.

Beatbox. Cutting & scratching. Nobody beats the Biz.

Always classic. Biz kept it simple. Fresh to def.

This is what I’m talking about right here. This was 2016. Legendary Juice Crew still rocking crowds.

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