Doja Cat Explains Her Thoughts On Cancel Culture, Misogyny

In a new interview with Nick Cannon, Doja Cat shared her take on the current state of the industry, including some subject matters around women in rap.

On the Power 106 show, Doja touched on a variety of topics, including the misogyny women—specifically women rappers—face in the music industry. In her eyes, being combative in the face of controversy isn’t the answer. 

The “Streets” rapper also explained her views on dealing with the fallout of controversy, which she says “you grow and you move on” from afterward. 

“There is times where people will understand you’re apologetic—or they don’t have to accept your apology at all, which is completely fair—but it’s how you handle it and I think that if you are combative against people who are continuously trying to tear you down, it doesn’t benefit you or the other people,” she said.

Doja has previously been called out for controversies involving alleged racist chatroom comments and a song titled with a racial slur, both of which she has addressed. She also added that she tends to combat hate with love, and that “people want to see everyone lose. The chaos is entertaining, is it not? It happens but people have good reason to be upset sometimes and people have no reason to be upset sometimes.”

Later in the interview, Doja elaborated to Nick about some of the stuggles women rappers face in the industry and that she feels people see women MCs as “less than smart.”

“When you dress up like you are going on a night out in Miami and you have a little skirt on and a little bikini on, you show a lot of skin, you’re very sexy, you do this and you rap about fucking people and you’re doing all this stuff… People will put you in a category and for them to be comfortable, they’ll make it seem like you are not very smart, you are just a girl who is just a rapper,” she said. “You don’t have a great sense of humor maybe, or you’re stuck up… like female rappers are vapid or less than smart, I feel that’s how they’re looked at.”

After the interview, Doja took to Twitter to share her thoughts on interviews that don’t touch on her music, which fans suspect may have be an indirect shot toward the direction her interview with Nick went. 

“If you’re gonna interview musicians try to ask them about their music,” Doja wrote.

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