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Hip-hop legend Kanye West might finally be releasing Donda. The long-anticipated project, which is wholesomely named after his late mother Donda West, is rumored to be dropping this week.


Whether it releases this week this Friday, sometime soon, or never, it’s worth noting the close-knit bond the rap icon had with his English professor mother. Here’s five pictures of Kanye West with his mom.

Donda West certainly did parenting correctly. She raised Kanye to love himself and be proud of who he is – something people struggle with nowadays. This OG picture of the pair is certainly one to share and remember.

There’s nothing better than a kiss from mom. Kanye West certainly wasn’t embarrassed to show it, either. This throwback shot embodied the relationship of love they had.

This tweet from Kanye is definitely a tear-jerker. He knows his mom is always by his side, and wasn’t afraid to go online with the message. Donda’s surely looking down on him, more proud than ever!

Big wins are the typical in Kanye West’s life. So, why not include his mom in it? He took her to the Grammys a handful of times, including the 48th Awards in 2006. Well, ‘Ye has 21 Grammys, so two more in hand isn’t a surprise.

Following her passing due to complications from plastic surgery, Kanye continued the love he gave her while she was here. From touching on-stage performances to dope t-shirts honoring Donda, Kanye certainly will always love her.

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