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Track star Sha’Carri Richardson has had quite the eventful past few months ranging from becoming America’s fastest woman to losing her chance to compete in the Olympics over failing her drug test due to cannabis use. While she may not have made it to this year’s Olympics, she still has the support of some pretty A-list fans, especially singer and businesswoman Rihanna.


The Olympics have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately including forcing athletes to sleep on cardboard beds. When Sha’Carri posted a glamor shot of herself on Instagram posing in the mirror with a show-stopping silver dress on. Rihanna couldn’t help but notice the plush bed in the background.

In the comment left by the Bad Gal, she attempted to lighten the mood about Sha’Carri’s disqualification from the Olympics with a joke about the bed. The joke was overall well received and now Rihanna can be added to the list of Sha’Carri’s many celebrity fans which already includes Gabrielle Union and Drake.

“Beauty before the beast is unleashed” -Sha’Carri

“yassss for the non cardboard bed 💪🏿❤️” -Rihanna

Richardson is keeping it moving. The popular athlete has come forward to speak out following massive celebrity support over her suspension from competing in the Olympics over testing positive for cannabis consumption.

Richardson went to her social media pages to fully keep things a buck. Instead of lashing out and letting loose frustrations, Sha’Carri used the opportunity to shout-out her fans and promise a major bounce back in 2022.

“The support 🤎🖤my community I thank y’all , the negative forget y’all and enjoy the games because we all know it won’t be the same 😇. … I’m sorry, I can’t be y’all Olympic Champ this year but I promise I’ll be your World Champ next year 🤞🏽⚡️. … All these perfect people that know how to live life , I’m glad I’m not one of them!”

Recently, rap superstar Drake went to his Instagram Story to show some major support for Carri. The popular cannabis supporters and entrepreneur shared a snapshot of Richardson and acknowledged she would have bodied her competition in upcoming races.

“They know she woulda ATE.”

Gabrielle Union + Wack 100 React To Suspension

Fans have spoken out about how unfair this seems, especially after Sha’Carri’s interview on the “TODAY” show where she explained the usage happened as a result of dealing with the emotions of her biological mother passing. Among those supporters for Carri included retired NBA champion Dwayne Wade‘s wife and actress Gabrielle Union.

“Weed is great for many a thing but running faster isn’t one of them. LET HER RUN!!! #ShacarriRichardson”

Rap manager to artists like Game and Blueface, Wack 100 relied on the power of Instagram to give a different take. 100 believes Richardson deserved to pay the consequence for breaking the rules.

“Put her on the first thing smoking back to the dispensary ! A violation leads to punishment. Nobody is bigger than the program. Rules & regulations are there to be followed not ignored. She failed us as a people far as I’m concerned !”

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