8 Predictions for Kanye West’s New Studio Album ‘Donda’

On Tuesday night, Def Jam made it official: Kanye West plans to release his new album Donda on July 23.

Of course, Kanye has a reputation for reinventing himself each album cycle and making dramatic changes to his sound, so it’s always difficult to predict where he’ll go next. Will he put a new twist on the gospel-inspired era that brought us Jesus Is King? Or will he attempt to introduce an entirely new sound that none of us have heard before?

The Donda rollout, in particular, is difficult to decipher. For one, Kanye isn’t talking. There have been no tweets. No radio interviews. No words spoken at album listening sessions. We haven’t even seen his face all year (Kanye likes masks again). Instead, he’s let other people speak for him, so all we have to go on are a few tweets from collaborators like Consequence and acquaintances like Justin LaBoy who have heard the album.

Still, if you follow the breadcrumbs, you’ll find some clues. Kanye has been teasing Donda for a while now, and there are bits of information floating around on the internet (see some here). With all of this in mind, plus some context clues about the direction of his career, here are 8 predictions about Kanye West’s new album.

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