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Hip-hop veteran Cassidy is making all the headlines right now. He’s criticized Canadian crooner Tory Lanez over stealing his flow and now getting all the attention.


However, there’s so much more to Cassidy than his comments. For example – his wife and manager Reggae Ratchet. Here’s five pictures of the most important woman in the battle rap veteran’s life.

One of the most dope aspects of Ratchet is her colorfulness. Her outfits always have something exciting, and there is never something boring to be seen.

Here, Reggae Ratchet has a cool filter on her face. She’s got big earrings on and is in the car. Maybe she’s with her rapper husband!

In this shot, she’s staring right into her viewers’ souls. With a sparkly filter on and a leopard print top, this is nothing but goals only.

No matter what, Reggae Ratchet is always sure to be seen in a fire outfit. From cool tops to bottoms to wild sneakers and jewelry, she knows how to dress.

Sheesh! In this shot, Reggae Ratchet is rocking a super fire tiger-striped top. It looks like she’s somewhere luxurious, perhaps on vacation!

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