Cassidy Just Ruined Any Possible Tory Lanez Collaboration Chances –

If you thought there would ever be a Cassidy and Tory Lanez collaboration – possibly on a CHIXTAPE 6 song – you can kiss it goodbye. The Philadelphia rap veteran’s decision to try to ‘expose’ the rapper everyone currently loves to hate might have just cost him a chance at reviving his own popularity.


It all started when Cassidy randomly appeared on his Instagram page – which stands at 540,000 followers – with footage showing Tory Lanez’s recent freestyles and revealing how he seemed to borrow lyrics Cass used in the past. What could have been a simple DM to Tory turned into a full-blown expose-all attempt and Cassidy captioning, “I’m Tory Lanez’s favorite rapper. Ain’t no denying that. Show me the respect I deserve and let’s get to this chicken.”

The video received 158,000 views after being on his page for 11 hours but most importantly it caught Tory’s attention and he decided to speak out.

Instead of being embarrassed, Daystar Peterson provided clarity. He wrote in the comments, “I guess this is what happens when you try to pay homage. The first freestyle I shouted your name out because you did inspire me. The second one I went on ‘YOUR’ beat. It’s sad how you old guys be mad at the young guys for not showing love then when we do we get responses like this.” He even went as far as to write in a separate comment, “You are one of my favorite rappers Cass. What’s the problem?”

Despite all the negative press, Tory still has over 10.6 million Instagram followers with new music coming out regularly with Soulja Boy, Rich The Kid, Lil Wayne, DaBaby and more to name a few.

Was it worth the short-lived fame and attention for Cassidy to go at Tory? Think Megan Thee Stallion might reach out to Cass and show him some love?

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