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New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has a new bestie. An unexpected friend went online with a wild shot alongside the controversial rapper and could be some foreshadowing into a career in mixed martial arts.


MMA fighter Sugar Sean O’Malley posted a wild Instagram photo with Tekashi. O’Malley has his hands ready to throw down while 6ix9ine is going peace mode.


6ix9ine is going through it right now. This week, the troll everyone loves to hate went to social media to let followers know multiple shows would be delayed due to some problems he is going through with his family.

6ix9ine didn’t get specific with what was going on. The controversial hitmaker did tell fans he was going through some court matters alongside family issues.

His North Carolina and Virginia shows will be postponed for now, with no further update yet. The events were supposed to take place this upcoming weekend.


6ix9ine and West Coast rapper Blueface aren’t backing down from each other. A few days ago, the hip-hop pair continued to take their overnight feud with one another up a few notches with more trolling last week.

Blue initially struck by alerting his fans about Tek’s likely having something to do with his temporary Instagram page getting deleted. Face insinuated 6ix9ine tattled on him over their recent clashing.

“Pay close attention he reported all my post for bullying 🐀 an deleted his skit 😂 playing victim like he did in court 🤦🏽‍♂️my IG be back up shortly”

Instead of ignoring the accusation, 6ix9ine used the opportunity to defend his image and even get at hip-hop personality Akademiks for fueling their problems.

“He should tattoo Instagram on his head they might give it back to him. They just told me … Ak stop posting me with this 🤡 I know you’re cool with the fight people who setting his fight up and HOPE I will ever give this man a career. I have 23 million followers he has 0. I have a net worth of 10 million his is 0. I have over 2 dozen platinum hits he has 1 song. You can’t compete where u don’t compare.”

Heading into the weekend prior, Blue had kept this presence alive with posts about his latest activities including his dicey war of words with 6ix9ine. Some content included domestic violence pics of Tek’s ex-girlfriend and daughter’s mother Sara Molina. As of Sunday (July 11) morning, the page no longer exists.

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