Here’s 6 Pics Of Lil Wayne’s Blonde Bae In NYC –

Supermodel Denise Bidot has been holding it down for women who aren’t afraid to embrace their bodies since she hit the runway scene.

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The girlfriend to hip-hop icon, and multi-time Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne takes to her Instagram account for an impromptu photo shoot in the Big Apple. Check out these 6 blonde slays by Weezy F.’s baby from New York City.

1. Kissy Face

Denise leans in for the smoochy face.

2. The Lean Back Slay

A quick six… or 20 some pics. We know how this goes.

3. Oh, So THIS The Lean Back Pose

Whoever said this is the angle that Lil Wayne be seeing her from… ya mama’s a h**.

4. What To Call This Pose

How about, the NSFW?

5. The Inner Thoughts Pose

Yes, Denise. That random New Yorker DID just tell you to STFU.

6. The Blondes Have More Fun Pose

Hat’s off to Denise Bidot. The blonde look is dope. Rock it.

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