Jack Harlow Would’ve Done ‘Industry Baby’ Shower Scene, Lil Nas Apologizes

With his ass-throwing take on Shawshank Redemption, Lil Nas X’s latest music video for the Friday-released “Industry Baby” is already taking over. 

Over the weekend, Jack Harlow—who appeared in the video with a woman as the video’s star was dancing nude in the shower—opened up on Twitter about how Nas brought up the idea of the video to him.

“[Lil Nas X] wrote the whole treatment for this video and I followed his lead every step of the way,” Harlow shared. “If he had asked me to be in that shower scene I woulda been in that shower scene. I just let the mastermind cook. Honored to be apart of it.”

Realizing his unfortunate mistake, Nas then jokingly apologized to the LGBTQ+ community over dropping the ball and not asking the Louisville rapper to film the scene, writing “to the lgbtq+ community i sincerely apologize. i have failed you. i am embarrassed. i am ashamed. and i will learn from my mistakes.”

After his tweet, social media commentator Tariq Nasheed voiced concerns over Harlow, the only white guy in the video, being striaght, to which Nas came with the ultimate clap back.

“lemme explain,” he wrote. “lil nas = gay so he wit boy. jack harlow = straight so he wit girl. got it??”

He then fired another one off, after Tariq wrote that “white corporate music execs” would “produce a music video with Lil Nas X having sex with dudes on a slave plantation.” Nas, in response, shared a meme of SpongeBob looking through binoculars that read “write that down, write that down!”

If you’ve missed the “Industry Baby” video in all its glory, you can take a peek below. 


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