Kanye West Spotted at Atlanta United Soccer Match After ‘Donda’ Listening

While the music world waits on Kanye West dropping his upcoming album Donda, Kanye has seemingly taken a break from putting on any finishing touches. 

The rapper, who just days ago teased his long-awaited album before friends and collaborators explained that it’s been pushed back to Aug. 6, was spotted Saturday at an Atlanta United soccer match, still wearing his red get-up from his listening event just nights before. 

Fan-taken photos have surfaced of the star smiling through a mask Saturday and being greeted by supporters at the same spot he shared part of his next release: the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

Kanye himself—who hasn’t shared any updates on his new album’s timeline since a Beats commercial claimed it was coming Friday—posted scenes from the game on his Instagram, too. Showing fans surrounding him and cheering on the action on the field. Another post shows a fan telling the camera what he’s most excited for about DONDA—including a few of the verses from Jay-Z, Baby Keem and Travis Scott. 

Time will tell when Kanye will release the album, but for now, the man needs to enjoy some sports.

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