Offset + Cardi B Twin In These 3 Shopping Spree Pics –

There’s no better couple to flex both marriage and fashion goals at the same time. MigosOffset has always put attention on his clothing drip while Cardi B‘s explosion to the mainstream came with her rapping about “Bloody” shoes.


In celebration of their ride or die goes for one another, we’re looking at the latest splash of boo’d up pics these two have blessed fans with twinning and slaying like the inseparable couple everyone hearts.

Is there any better fashion statement than the marriage goals in this pic? From the matching style of shorts to relaxed tops, these two are slaying.

This moment looks like nothing more than having to choose whether it’s worth heading to Pacific Coast Highway for a quick Nobu Malibu meal or going a few blocks over to the legendary Roscoe’s.

The shopping adventure continues but not before taking a moment to capture the event.

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