Lil Pump’s Top 3 Rappers Doesn’t Include Drake Or Kanye West –

Florida rapper Lil Pump‘s getting the debate going. The hip-hop star has stepped up to let the world know what three rap artists are running the music industry right now.


Pumper went to his Instagram page to keep things a buck. Without giving any type of context, LP shined major light on a couple of Southern rap stars and everyone’s favorite Philadelphia hip-hop star.

“Top 3 In The Game. @LilUziVert @Future @TravisScott”

Despite having worked with the likes of artists including Kanye West, Yeezy didn’t make the cut. However, Pump did take a moment to provide context for why rap heavyweight Young Thug didn’t make his list.

“All right, look. Those are my top three rappers. My all-time favorite artist? It’s Thug. For sure.”

Lil Pump Claps Back At $90K Taxes

Outside of rap star debates, Pump recently went to his social media pages to keep things a buck about reports suggesting he wasn’t paying what he owed the government. LP shared footage of himself wearing over $100,000 worth of jewelry on his body alone.

“Listen. Do not believe the Internet. Sh*t is all cap bro. 90,000? That’s on my wrist right now. Huh. Another 90? That’s on neck. Don’t play with my body. Huh. Look, I done made over $15 million. Do you know what the tax bill is on $15 million? B*tch, 90 ain’t sh*t to me. Stop playing with my body. Alright look, I just bought this Cuban last week. This one right here? It was 50. This one was 40. That’a a tax deductible, b*tch.”

Lil Pump’s Tax Woes Exposed

The same week, reports surfaced revealing Pump possibly owed nearly $100,000 to Uncle Sam. The IRS reportedly has him documented for needing to pay up for taxes dating back 2 years.

According to court records obtained by Radar, the Internal Revenue Service is going after the 20-year-old rapper over a 2019 bill. Lil Pump, who endorsed former President Donald Trump in his failed reelection bid, reportedly owes a total of $89,378.68. The government placed the lien against the rapper’s $5 million Miami mansion. Pump owns a 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom waterfront mansion worth $4,650,000. (Radar Online)

Lil Pump Screams His New Album’s Coming

Recently, the infamous troll posted an Instagram video of himself carrying stacks of money out in public — which he proceeded to drop on the ground like he didn’t care — and hopping on top of a luxury car that may or may not have been his own. All of this to announce Lil Pump 2 is coming at some point. Pump’s self-titled debut album dropped in 2017, followed by Harverd Dropout in 2019.

“I only walk out with twos because Lil Pump 2 is on the f*ckin’ way, b*tch! Yeah! Don’t play with me, my body is different. I’m droppin’ these b*tches on the floor! Pick it up, n*gga, pick it up! Lil Pump 2 is on the way, hoe!”

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