Premiere: Weirdo Escapes Heartbreak In A Futuristic Dreamscape In “Transcen

Last year, synth pop experimentalist Weirdo returned to releasing his own music after a brief hiatus to focus on what he called “the normal life and paying too many bills including ‘broken mind and heart tax’”, with stylish (and just a little moody) club number “Eurotrash”. Now firmly back in the swing of things after a string of singles through the past 12 months, he’s back with his new single, “Transcendence”.

The new single, which sees him layering pained vocals over a brooding ripple of synths as he works through a tough breakup, also comes with some unforgettable visuals. Crafted by artist Lucas Saidl, the video takes us into a surreal, 3D-rendered dreamscape that sits somewhere between Dali-esque oddity and Lynchian nightmare, bringing Weirdo’s devastating heartbreak into blistering 4K.

The new track follows swiftly on from his most recent single, “Can’t Without You”, and they’ll both appear on Weirdo’s upcoming full-length debut, A Mixtape For Heartbreak, which is set for release in Autumn this year.

Hit play on the video at the top and be sure to add “Transcendence” to all your playlists.


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