Roddy Ricch on Speculation Over Why Pendant Fell From Chain at Rolling Loud

Roddy Ricch’s Saturday night set was among the many highlights from this weekend’s Rolling Loud festival in Miami, a three-day throwdown that drew over 225,000 fans and included more than 150 performances.

During the 2020 Grammy winner’s set, however, a clearly heavy pendant was detached from his chain mid-vocals, falling to the stage floor. The pendant in question, of course, features a design depicting the artist’s initials in the same styling used in his stage visuals over the weekend.

For whatever reason, some were quick to point to the ensuing footage of the pendant’s fall as somehow being proof that the pendant itself was not of the quality level that might be expected. Some event went so far as to mock Ricch for rocking “a fake chain,” though the artist himself was prompt in shutting such talk down.

In a no-longer-available Instagram Story update, Ricch—as seen below—addressed the comments in stride. As Ricch explained, the piece merely took a minor tumble due solely to its considerable weight.

“Stop The CAP!” Ricch said, adding in a tear emoji. “My baby was juss too heavy.”

Next month, fans can likely look forward to the studio version of Roddy Ricch’s feature on the new Kanye West album Donda, a version of which was played for a stadium full of fans last week. 

Ricch’s “Late At Night” single, featuring production by Mustard, was released in June via Atlantic and Bird Vision. Revisit the track here. The track potentially gives fans a glimpse at what to expect with Ricch’s coming sophomore album, which he previously teased in his Complex cover story.

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