Griselda’s B-Day Boy Flexes Star Status In 5 Pics –

Buffalo block boss, Westside Gunn was born a long time ago, today. In honor of the lyrical block burner’s birthday, here are 4 pics of the Griselda boss posted with the fam-bam. And 1 dolo, classic gangster pose.

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1. Kick Back

Just the people, the driveway. Maybe something in a cup. Some good music. Chop it up.

2. Throw It Up

Ya’ll don’t know nothing about that Hall & Nash 96 takeover. Wrestling fans know. So do Griselda fans.

3. 3 The Hard Way

Name a crew more vicious and consistently hungry as these 3. I’ll wait.

4. BTS With Ye’

Griselda been chopping it up with all types of OG producer/mogul types. They’re not ready for another Griselda album, though.

5. Every Town Has An Elm Street

Everyone’s trying to get down on some of those dollar wings, though. And fish on Friday, yeah, yup.

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