Lil Nas X Talks Kanye West, Upcoming Album, and More in New Interview

Lil Nas X refuses to reveal how he got Kanye West to produce “Industry Baby,” his newly released track featuring Jack Harlow.

The Grammy-winning artist was asked about the Kanye contribution during a recent interview with Kerwin Frost, who simply asked how the collaboration happened.

“How did it happen?” X responded. “I actually can’t tell you. I can’t. Not yet, at least.”

When pressed about why he couldn’t share any details, X said it was “just a thing,” and that he wanted to “protect” his connections. He did, however, shed some light on his experience with Kanye, applauding the Donda rapper for his prolific, and ever-evolving career.

“We talked. He’s a pretty cool guy. Super down to earth. He’s super talented,” X continued. “He showed me stuff. He’s working on some great music. It’s nice to, uh, work with somebody who’s done that for so long, so much longevity and still going, you know?”

“He’s kind of, like, the height of outdoing yourself,” Frost said.

“Literally. And, like, constantly evolving,” X said. “Not even just evolving, but completely changing into something else … He’s always doing something different and new. Over and over and over again, recreating himself.”

“Industry Baby” hit streaming services last week, and is expected to appear on X’s long-awaited and highly anticipated debut studio album, Montero, which he says “is coming out one day.”

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