Police Searching for Woman Who Went Missing After Rolling Loud Miami

Authorities are searching for a 23-year-old woman who reportedly went missing during Rolling Loud Miami.

According to WSVN, Ashley Espinoza-Sanchez had traveled from Tallahassee to Miami Gardens’ Hard Rock Stadium, where the three-day hip-hop festival was taking place. The woman was accompanied by a friend named Nick Prevost, who claimed Espinoza-Sanchez looked “confused” just minutes after they entered the gates on day 2. Prevost told investigators the woman had asked him to hold onto her phone, shortly before she darted into the crowd and disappeared.

“My main worry is if she’s OK or not,” Prevost said, as reported by WSVN. “I could just tell by when I looked into her eyes, she didn’t know who I was, and I could tell that that was the first time ‘This is not good.’”

Prevost said he last saw Espinoza-Sanchez at around 6 p.m.; however, police later confirmed surveillance cameras captured the woman at the Hard Rock Stadium on Monday. She was reportedly in the same black and red romper she was wearing on the day she went missing, but instead of the white Vans, she was in long black socks and sandals that were seemingly too big for her.

Police say Espinoza-Sanchez was spotted at the stadium’s lost and found section, and was with a man later identified as Jared Linwood. The man claimed Espinoza-Sanchez had been at his house from Sunday night to Monday morning, and was not aware that she was reported missing.

“She didn’t have no phone. She didn’t have no bag,” he told the outlet. “She didn’t have shoes on. I tried to get her to tell me someone to call. Like, she didn’t give me nothing reliable.”

Cameras showed Espinoza-Sanchez and Linwood leaving the stadium in different directions; the former appeared to be moving toward parking lot 18.

“Apparently, that guy was taking care of her,” Prevost said. “She was going to the Hard Rock Stadium to the Lost & Found to try to find me and her phone because, from the sounds of it, it sounds like she doesn’t even remember what happened.”

Linwood was reportedly scheduled to meet with investigators Thursday afternoon.

Espinoza-Sanchez is said to be around 5-foot-2 and 130 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. Those with information on Espinoza-Sanchez’s whereabouts is asked to call Detective J. Rodriguez at 305-474-1615, Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS, or the Miami Gardens Police Department at 305-474-6473.

“I’d like to think that right now, she’s with somebody else who’s taking care of her, just like she was Sunday night and Monday,” Prevost said.

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