Best New Canadian Songs: Smiley, Drake, The Weeknd & More

We’re deep into the dog days now and there’s still no clear consensus on the song of the summer. No “WAP” or “Blinding Lights” booming out of every car window, stadium speaker, and gym bro’s headphone. Maybe it’s because, deep down, we’ve all been holding out for Drake and Kanye’s new albums—which now look like they could drop at the very same time next week. But until then, there’s been more than enough northern heat to keep the vibes high this July. There was an XO and Thugger link-up, a surprise bop from Drizzy and a Toronto rap up-and-comer, and some slow-burners from a couple of the country’s most promising chanteuses. Here are the new Canadian songs we’ve had on full blast at the home office.

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