Here’s 5 Of Soulja Boy’s Dopest Car Flexes –

Big Draco stays flexing. From talking his talk to stunting in his videos, no matter where the Atlanta rapper finds himself, cameras are never too far away.

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With summertime still in full effect, check out these 5 Soulja Boy car flexes.

1. Lift, Not Pull

Draco posted on the whip. Doors open, mane.

2. Hop Up Out The Whip

I can hear the cicadas in this picture.

3. Stop Playing With Em

Draco shows you how to hold a stick with the big drum.

4. Who Crept This Pic?

Yo, let Soulja Boy swipe right in peace, ya’ll.

5. The Fleet

Anymore than 3 and it’s a fleet. Soulja Boy with a fleet of whips.

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