Here’s 8 Fun Summertime Moments From Silk Sonic’s New Video –

Neo-Soul duo Silk Sonic, which is comprised of musicians Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars are back with another song after their smash hit “Leave The Door Open” took over airwaves.


In this video the retro vibes are here to stay complete with roller skates, summer island atmosphere, and 70s clothing trends. Here’s 8 fun summertime moments from “Skate” music video.

Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak sit behind drums singing and providing the funky rhythm for the track, enjoying the island breeze and the skating ladies around them.

A gaggle of women perform in front of Mars and Paak. Dancing on skates and singing along in their best outfits and sunglasses.

Bruno Mars is a crooner through and through, reminiscent of the great soul singers of decades past.

Roller Skating is back in a big way! Silk Sonic’s “Skate” comes at the perfect time to capitalize on the resurgence the 70s/80s past-time.

While focused on a 70s look, today’s trends like “laying baby hairs”, are also blended in. This reflects the idea of Silk Sonic’s music and Neo-Soul in general being an older sound for a modern day.

In the video Mars has a moment with one of the skating girls. He sings to her and she dances in front of him sharing glance. The warmth of summer romance is in the air.

Of course Anderson.Paak can’t be missed on the drums which are his specialty. Anderson.Paak is a multi-talented drummer, singer, rapper, and producer.

“Skate” is the perfect summer anthem to soak up sun with as we head into the last month of summer. Have fun dancing and be careful on those roller skates!

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