Tori Brixx Is All About Her Custom Kicks In These 5 Pics –

Vixen Tori Brixx is showing off her new kicks. The influencer takes to her Instagram account to show some up-close shots of her custom AF1s.


While not clear on just who the mystery artist might be that put their own designs on the shoe, they’re one of a kind and showcase some dope DJ nods to Tori.

Tori about to show us her new custom shoes, ya’ll. Come on.

From WAYYY back here, they look pretty dope. So the shoe slay can happen even from afar.

That’s what I’m talking about. Close ups. You can tell someone put a lot of time and dedication into these. Digging the color choices, too.

These are legit. This custom artist might be on to something here. With the right fit, ladies might be able to pull these off this Summer.

Fire. A whole mixing board with turntables AND quarter beats. These are dope. Don’t forget the bag in corner. Cute kicks, sis.

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