Jayda Cheaves Is The Ice Queen In These 7 Diamond-Filled Pics – SOHH.com

When talking about social media influencers, Jayda Cheaves has plenty of accomplishments to her name. Including, but not limited to, her own line of hair products as well as being an ambassador for Savage x Fenty AND Fashion Nova, Jayda ain’t worried about nothing.


Check out these 7 diamond filled flexes by Jayda Cheaves.

That left one heavy. That mean the right quick.

“Cold as the pole in the winter.”

She going to blind somebody. Pray she’s not whipping the drop in the sunshine. Got Metro drivers blinking all crazy and all.

It’s easy math. Don’t forget to add the anklet as an exponent.

“Man, they don’t make em like this anymore.”

Of course the neck is froze. What you thought?

Like somebody called her name right quick. Ain’t nobody over there, Jayda, we know you did it for the ‘gram… and thank you.

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