Here’s 5 Snapshots Of DaBaby On His Daddy Duties –

Charlotte rapper DaBaby has apologized for his controversial comments, and is back to being the the guy we all know – the man after the money.


In all honesty, though, Baby is a family man and loving father. When he’s not grinding music, he’s with his son (although he isn’t his biological father) and daughter clocking in daddy duties. Here’s five pictures of the North Carolina native on his father grind.

This awesome picture features Baby in a crazy colorful and floral suit. He’s got fam in the picture – his mom and his daughter, whom he clearly loves more than anything. Goals!

In this picture, the KIRK crooner is with his children in the pool. The kids have lifejackets on, so DaBaby is going to have to teach them a few things in the water.

This shot of DaBaby is from a video of teaching his daughter how to dance. Unfortunately, Baby has never publicly dropped her name, and there’s even rumors he’s got a second daughter with another woman.

Cooking lessons from DaBaby? We’re with it! He posted a video online of himself and his mini-me clocking in some kitchen time. It looks like steak tips on the table – sounds delicious!

This picture embodies their relationship! Here, DaBaby and his daughter are shopping for some kicks and clocking in quality time together. Who knows what they bought – all that’s noticeable is the expensive Balenciaga hoodie Jonathan Kirk is rocking.

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