6ix9ine and Wack 100 Argue Over Tekashi Calling Snoop Dogg a Snitch

In his appearance on the first episode of DJ Akademiks’ new podcast, 6ix9ine attempted to paint Snoop Dogg as a “snitch,” something Wack 100 disagreed with.

The debut episode of Off the Record with DJ Akademiks on Spotify saw him joined by 6ix9ine and Wack 100 as guests, and the three got into a heated discussion about what it really means to be “street” in the world of hip-hop. Just shy of an hour deep into the episode, 6ix9ine suggested that Snoop Dogg is “a rat” and alleged that he at one point filed for a restraining order from Suge Knight.

It’s worth pointing out that Wack 100 has refuted claims from 6ix9ine about Snoop in the past, and as Billboard reported in 2003, Snoop’s mother filed for a restraining order as part of a lawsuit against Suge. In that suit, she claimed that affiliates of Suge Knight had threatened her and Snoop’s family.

“Do you think Snoop Dogg is a rat?” said 6ix9ine much to the confusion of Wack 100. “Cause Snoop Dogg got all the protection from Suge Knight. He got an order protection from Suge Knight in the ‘90s. The whole West Coast know about it.”  6ix9ine went on to allege that Snoop, or his mother, had written letters to “the warden in the jail” to tell them not to release Suge Knight. He also referenced the clip that he shared of Suge Knight, which he posted after he got out of prison last year following the Nine-Trey Blood case.

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