Jim Jones Explains Clip of Him Seemingly Falling Off Stage During ‘Verzuz’

All eyes were on Madison Square Garden and Verzuz on Tuesday night, but there were still some things that went under the radar.

Shortly after The LOX and Dipset’s now-legendary clash, a video surfaced of Diplomat capo, Jim Jones, seemingly falling off the stage while The LOX were performing. 

If this was true, it would only add insult to injury for Dipset following The LOX’s landslide victory. However, Jones quickly combatted these claims by explaining what really happened. 

In true Harlem fashion, Dipset was drowning in diamonds and jewelry. In fact, Jones paused the show before his smash hit “Ballin’” dropped to be knighted with a new chain in front of the crowd. According to Jim, one of his very expensive rings flew off into the crowd. Instead of waiting for security to find it or let a spectator get away with it, Jones took matters into his own hands. 

“For the record, I did not fall off the stage,” he said to his Instagram followers. “My ring flew off my hand and I dove off that motherf**ker head first like I was going swimming. I dove. I didn’t fall.”

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