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New York rapper Fabolous is remembering fellow Big Apple native Pop Smoke. He went online to share a look at the Canarsie, Brooklyn mural for the slain rapper and clock in friendship goals.


Fab gave Instagram followers a slideshow of pictures of the Pop Smoke art alongside reality star Angela Simmons. Here’s three looks of the hip-hop veteran posted up at the mural in remembrance.

In this shot, friendship goals are fully activated. You can’t see the mural too well, but Fab and Simmons both have somber faces as they stand in front of the giant mural.

This shot shows what we’d all do at the mural – stop and stare. The beautiful art is on full display in this picture and makes you really think about the impact Pop Smoke had in his short time here in music.

This picture is almost a little confusing, and might be a hint at a possible video being recorded here. There’s a man in a headset, which makes one think something more might be going on. Fabolous and Simmons might have something big coming!

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